Are You Looking for an FM8 Dubstep Growl Bass Toolkit?

Here's everything You Need to Make the Nastiest Bass sounds around!

What do Skrillex, Datsik, Excision and Ajapai (amongst others) have in common? They all use NI FM8.

Dr Hobo introduces his FM8 Dubstep Growl Bass toolkit - 70 FM8 pure dubstep bass patches and 2 hours of tutorials to get your basslines groaning, screaming, howling, wailing and wobbling in the style of the dubstep masters.

Included in the toolkit we have 70 howling bassline patches as well as 6 video tutorials on patch creation, effects tweaking (including some great tips on using envelopes to add dynamic evolution and harmonics to your sounds) through to how to use the morph grid and deep modulation of parameters within FM8. Not only this, but there's also another 3 bonus video tutorials specifically on creating that growling Skrillex style bassline!

And best of all there’s no waiting by the mailbox for delivery. Everything is ready for instant download right to your hard drive!

i just wanted to let you know your videos are amazing. I used frequency modulation synthesis before I found your site but never got this in depth with the software.

- Kyle M