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30 Free FM8 Presets – Ambient, Soundscape, FX & Sequences

In this 30 fm8 presets pack you can find, everything from ambient sounds, soundscapes and FX to risers and sequenced percussive sounds.

Each of the FM8 presets has it’s own corresponding midi file which will give you the rough idea how the sound works.

I recommend to try each sound with it’s own midi file first.

Also I’ve used tempo synced envelopes in most of the sounds so the right midi note length can be important.

With each FM8 preset there comes four morph variations.

Each corner represent it’s own variation of the sound patch.

You you should rather switch than morph trough these four variations since most FM8 presets are not made for real time morphing except the sounds found in the MORPH category.

Have a listen to these sounds

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