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Audio Injection FM8 Presets – 55 Techno Sounds: Drums, Sweeps & Stabs

These FM8 Presets give you all the classic sounds of popular house music, from deep to minimal and tech to electro this hot collection from Audio Injection gives FM8 a serious boost.

Known for his tight West Coast stylings, Audio Injection has put together a very nice set of FM8 Presets. From drums to pads, you get everything you need to crank out professional recording without much tweaking. The majority of the patches are based in the tech and underground realms, with a nice warm and polished appeal mixed with a hint of darkness. Perfect for club tracks and DJ mixes across many genres of dance and electronic music.

It takes some talent to program a powerful frequency modulation synth like FM8 to create FM8 Presets for this style of music and retain warmth and keep the balance between analog and electronic sound. The way each sound behaves and develops is refreshing for as wide a spectrum as it is.

Just because there are so many different kinds of sounds and instruments provided, don’t think there isn’t expertise involved in every single one, because there is.

Nicely crafted FM8 Presets with intelligent programming, you will not be disappointed with this release from Loopmasters.

From LA to the streets of Berlin, Audio Injection is back with this set of FM8 Presets.

This expansive sound set contains a interesting blend of drum sounds, sweeps drops, Techno stabs and a slew of deep sounds which you can build up and break down in any modern Techno production.

So what’s in the FM8 Presets pack?
  • 5 FX presets
  • 1 Hi Hat Preset
  • 1 Snare Preset
  • 5 Tech Bass Presets
  • 1 Chord Preset
  • 5 Kick Presets
  • 10 Tech Loop Presets
  • 5 Tech Pad Presets
  • 10 Tech Stab Prests
  • 1 Tech Tom Preset
  • 1 Tom Preset
  • 10 Sweep Presets

So as you can see, it really is a set of patches to get you going right away. No need to go hunting for drums, FX or other elements usually missing in collections such as this.

This fm8 sound collection features digital textures and liquid sequences while keeping a warm and electronic sound suitable for minimal and techno.

Audio injection has produced a fabulous pack that will be your go to when adding texture and dark sounds to your productions.

Everything you hear in the above demo is in this pack. What’s unique about the sample is that even the drums and loops are presets. Each preset can be modified to meet the needs of your musical part or production in no time flat.

The preset loops can be played in any tempo and they are ready for you to tweak them to the next level.  If you run the loops thru your filter of choice you can come up with some pretty cool effects while using them in your production.

As an added bonus these FM8 Presets features additional sweeping effect presets from our Sweep pack to give extra relief or tension in your build up or breakdown.

Once again ISR brings another cool selection of patches with modern underground attitude.

If you are interested in picking up these sounds or just finding out more about them, please visit the Loopmasters website.


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