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FM8 Experience – 192 FM8 Presets

FM8 Experience is a set of 192 FM8 Presets for Native Instruments synthesizer FM8.

The FM8 Presets set is thought to be both playable and inspiring – provoking ideas for your music. You will find here a wide variety of instruments including lively and melodic leads, all kinds of pads, electric and digital organ sounds, diverse keys, complex synths and others.

FM8 Experience is an incredibly diverse and well-programmed set of patches that would be useful for almost any genre. (WSM Magazine)

This big bank of FM8 Presets will be usable in a number of genres – from modern pop to EDM, rock to movie and atmospheric music. Numerous FM8′s capabilities are used for you to get the expression you’ve been looking for.

FM8 Experience represents an excellent bargain that fans of FM8 should definitely consider. (WSM Magazine)

As of right now you can get your hands on this product for only $28.

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