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72 FM8 Presets – Power Pack For FM8 Vol 1

These inspiring FM8 presets for Native Instruments FM8 FM Synthesis based virtual instrument. These patches were aimed at giving YOU solid, usable and exciting patches that are record ready and provide tons of variety since EVERY patch is assigned to the Morph Pad.

72 awesome sounding FM8 presets for Native Instruments FM8 made by John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl that use all of the tools FM8 offers.

Huge booming basses, tons of Tempo Sync’d Patches, Lush Huge Pads, SFX and even “that” DX-7 electric piano patch.

Because the Morph pad is programmed to the Max, each patch has literally hundreds of variations it can produce.

So while this FM8 presets library has 60 patches, with the Morph pad, Skippy thought about saying it has 15,360 patches!!

So What is in the pack?

Super Charged Inspiration for a Classic Sonic Powerhorse!

  • Huge booming basses (12+ Killer Basses)
  • Pristine Beautiful Bells
  • “BPM” Tempo Sync’d Patches
  • Lush Bright and Warm Pads
  • Unique Lead Synth patches
  • 6 OSC Analog Patches (One patch uses 4 note unison for 24 OSC on 1 note!)
  • SFX
  • Very nice DX-7 tine electric piano patch – Factory voicing didn’t even include an electric piano like this !!
  • The Morph pad is programmed to the Max – all 4 corners are set to TOTALLY DIFFERENT (useful) Variations – so each patch has literally hundreds of variations depending on where you move the morph pad… So while this library has 62 patches, by using the Morph pad there are many many more possible sounds these patches can produce. Every patch also has a totally customized Arpeggiator pattern, performance notes in the Comment section as well as the Modulation Wheel is programmed on EVERY program. Not even Native Instruments factory voicing did this!

FM8 is BEGGING to play these sounds.. so FEED YOUR PLUG-IN!

Why not try a demo of the sounds?

You can download a sample FM8 presets bank from the set – why not give them a try?

Download the free sample bank for FM8 here

Where can you get the full pack?

For more info on this great pack and to download it click here

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