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Toxic : 71 FM8 Dubstep Presets – Insane Wobbles, Pitch Drops, Squelches & ÜBER Dark Dub Basses With Rhythmic Motion

Toxic : 71 FM8 Dubstep Presets – Insane Wobbles, Pitch Drops, Squelches and Shortys to ÜBER dark dub basses with rhythmic motion, this is a library like NOTHING that has come before it. 71 High Octane inspired FM8 Presets of the likes you’ve never heard before… Aggressive and Expressive!

FM8 is considered one of the toughest synthesizers to program and in his second library, John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl has studied closely many of the inspiring sounds coming from today’s music and injected them into these FM8 Dubstep Presets with tricks galore to make getting Mind Blowing dance tracks will help define you as a unique new artist.

Many people believe that getting killer growls and bass drops with FM8 Dubstep Presets requires both FM8, a mountain of effects and days of programming automation into your sequencer – NOT TRUE!

Play a Toxic patch and move the Modulation Wheel and listen to the Jaw Dropping Growls, Groans, Squelches and other insane sounds that you can simply produce in REAL-TIME.

In fact, if you don’t use the Modulation wheel on these patches – they sound BORING because you have to perform them to get the sound to come alive!!

On top of this groundbreaking achievement, you ALSO have 4 different patches in EACH PATCH with the Morph Pad (a unique and powerful tool in FM8 few people have discovered). Play the sound, move the modulation wheel AND move the Morph Pad and now you have sounds like NO ONE has ever heard before.

The 1+ HOUR video tutorial shows EVERYTHING on making these types of Toxic sounds as well as tips and tricks for getting NEW sounds from ANY PATCH you have for FM8.

A MUST Watch tutorial that will require multiple viewings for everything to sink in!

So what do you get in the pack?

71 FM8 Dubstep Presets:

  • 29 Synth Basses
  • 28 Synth Leads
  • 6 SFX patches
  • 5 Synth Pads An Optimized Init Patch, A Distorted Synth Bell Patch, Incredible Ambient Dub E.Piano Patch.
  • And… a bonus 1 hour video explaining how John made some of the sounds!

Here’s a short video with John explaining a bit about the sounds and what you can expect from the FM8 Presets.

Where Can i Get these sounds?

These sounds and the bonus video are available for only $30 from Pluginguru’s site.

For more information or to buy toxic for FM8 click here

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