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FM8 Sound Design – Bass Tips With Octane & DLR

Posted on 1st March, by OhmLab in FM8 Tutorials. No Comments
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A unique inside look at FM8 sound design with Octane & DLR

We recently posted an FM8 Presets review of the latest release for FM8 from Loopmasters by Octane & DLR, and this is a follow up to that with a bonus two-part video with a unique inside look at their approach to sound design within NI FM8.

Download YouTube Video | YouTube Converter


Download YouTube Video | YouTube Converter


This special behind the scenes glimpse into the process of an established and successful artist using a powerhouse synth like FM8 is rare, and the sounds found in their recent release from Loopmasters is full of amazing sounds that you can drop into your projects and instantly elevate your work to a new level without much, if any, tweaking. In addition to the videos we have also included a SoundCloud player featuring some of the presets included in the collection in action.

With 13 sick FX patches, 11 sweet pads, 6 lead synths and 33 insane bass sounds, the collection is topped of with 64 very helpful MIDI files and a cool arpeggiator file to help get you cranking out some incredibly cool sounds in no time! These guys have perfected the art of generating mind-bending twisted sounds and organic soundscapes that leave you wanting more and wondering what just happened to you. Having the chance to add this kind of professional audio and sound design to one of your projects will open your mind to so many possibilities, in regards to what you can do with FM8 in the studio and during live performances as well.

Octane & DLR Drum & Bass FM8 Presets by loopmasters

If you are interested in getting your hands on this new collection of sounds, just follow the link to the Loopmaster website here to get all the details. This really is one of those sets that is worth picking up. Just having the chance to reverse engineer some of these sounds is an in-depth crash course in FM8, and seeing how professionals with years of experience with the synth go about using some of the more advanced, and often times obscure, features is priceless. I really like this collection!


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